The CEG structure, with its highly skilled technicians who are responsible for maintenance within the industrial installations for all pre-commissioning, commissioning and repair interventions, provides the exclusive yet well-known formula known as "Global Service". Thanks to this service the client can feel even more protected against any unforeseen event and, upon signing the "Global Service" contract for each piece of machinery or equipment supplied by CEG, will have continuous service available.



Thanks to its global service, CEG Elettronica Industriale S.p.A. commits to carry out routine or unscheduled maintenance in Italy and abroad. Support service is performed by qualified internal personnel with many years of experience. The company pays special attention and devotes significant resources to its global service which is considered a strategic and focal point for earning Client satisfaction.
manutenzione programmata


In order to make systems consistently reliable, safe and efficient,CEG Elettronica Industriale S.p.A. provides scheduled maintenance solutions customized to the needs of the Client. Depending on several factors, including the nature and criticality of the loads and the work environment where the system is located, constant and targeted maintenance is required in order to ensure the durability, reliability and safety of systems and batteries. All activities are carried out by employees of CEG Elettronica Industriale who are qualified and trained internally with years of experience and ongoing up-to-date technical development. Our technicians are able to operate not only on systems but also on all types of batteries, which are of fundamental importance for the proper functioning of each system.


CEG Elettronica Industriale S.p.A. is able to ensure and to internally manage the entire parts availability of its systems. Before delivery to the Client, all parts of an electronic nature are tested and calibrated according to the characteristics of the original.


CEG Elettronica Industriale S.p.A. provides a telephone support service for the immediate identification and potential resolution of any fault. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This additional service offered by CEG Elettronica Industriale S.p.A. gives its Clients the assurance that a point of reference will always be available to provide a prompt and thorough response to all their queries.


All CEG Elettronica Industriale S.p.A. products are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty covers the repair or free replacement of parts recognized as subject to the warranty which are defective or which malfunction during the warranty period. Depending on the circumstances, the warranty can be linked to the date of commissioning or the date of delivery of the material.


Commissioning and start-up activities of new systems allow us to verify the correct installation of the system and to verify the key parameters in the actual conditions of use. The start-up of the system can also clarify the tasks that are to be performed on the supplied batteries. During this phase, it is also possible to replicate some functional tests on the system even if these have already been inspected during the FAI in our test rooms.


CEG Elettronica Industriale organizes training sessions covering both theory and practice. The training courses can be arranged on our premises or can be organized directly on the premises of the Client or at the facility where the systems are installed.

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