CEG designs and creates industrial plants and processes in various sectors: steel, civil, waste-treatment, etc.. Each solution is carefully studied to be in total synergy with the client and with its site environment to offer the maximum efficiency and functionality.
Waste treatment system
CEG designs and manufactures installations for the management and treatment of municipal solid waste using innovative technologies to ensure maximum respect for the environment. One of the most promising technologies is that of the MBT installations in which the waste is subjected to a thorough separation process dividing it into: organic, metals, paper, plastic, glass, wood, etc. In this way, even in situations where separate collection at the municipal level is not carried out, it is still possible to recover large quantities of material to be recycled while the organic fraction can be used for the production of biogas and, subsequently for energy generation.

Iron and Steel installations
CEG designs and manufactures iron and steel installations for the manufacture and finishing of OCTG pipes to be used in the search for and extraction of oil and gas. CEG is able to offer different types of installations. It starts with the installations where only the pipe finishing treatments are carried out starting from raw tubes. In this case, it is possible to achieve installations with reduced costs and dimension, near extraction fields and for the direct service of these fields, both for finishing installations with a greater production capacity and to cater to a wider in general. It is also possible to construct installations which in addition to processing and finishing treatments, directly produce the pipes either through welding or seamless processes.
Reinforced concrete prefabricated installations
CEG designs and manufactures industrial facilities for the production of prefabricated elements to be used in construction, both for civil and industrial use. CEG is able to manufacture a prefabricated facility on the basis of the Client’s specific requirements in terms of the type of elements to be produced, the quantity of the elements and manufacturing technologies, by selecting from the most suitable technologies available regarding both quality and cost. In particular, with regards to residential housing, CEG has developed and patented an innovative technique allowing the use of prefabricated concrete walls that are both load bearing and have the necessary characteristics to provide thermal and acoustic insulation. This allows housing to be built on a large scale with low cost and high quality standards.
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