Power Electronic Division

This represents the central sector of the company and the one that can boast the greatest experience. On the basis of the Clients’ specific requirements, CEG designs and develops power electronic equipment such as UPS, inverters, rectifiers, frequency converters, etc.
The UPS systems of the industrial ACU series make it possible to supply power to the critical AC loads safely and in full compliance with the requirements of the Client's installation. The high level of customization of an electrical, mechanical and topological nature allows total adaptation to client needs. The construction of a "made-to-measure" system for the Client not only increases reliability and performance, but also optimizes the entire infrastructure (rectifier, batteries and inverters) based on real needs.
The CBC rectifiers / battery chargers encapsulate years of consolidated experience in the field understanding the main requirements of our Clients. The type of system obtained is a new generation of rectifiers / battery chargers equipped with a defined layout and therefore able to optimize timing and implementation costs. Even if less flexible than the UBC series, they are in no way inferior in terms of robustness and reliability.
MTPU - Modular Three Phase UPS

MTPU - Modular Three Phase UPS

The MTPU (Modular Three Phase UPS) is a modular uninterruptible power supply (Hot-Swap) with double conversion technology capable of satisfying all plant power requirements.
Each system can manage up to 12 modules connected in parallel, making it possible to extend or modify the system architecture directly in the plant without impacting the overall dimensions and installation.
Thanks to its high flexibility, efficiency and low cost of ownership, the MTPU has applications in many industry sectors such as transport, telecommunications, oil & gas, IT and data centres.
The strengths of the MTPU are:
High efficiency: >96.5% in double conversion operation thanks to 3L technology on both the PFC stage and the inverter.
High flexibility of configuration and expandability: thanks to its modularity, it is possible to create N+X or 2N redundant configurations for particularly critical loads. The modular design also makes it easy to increase the power or vary the level of redundancy directly in the system.
High reliability thanks to the design and total absence of Single Point of Failure: the failure of a single module does not affect the operation of the other units;
High plant availability due to low MTTR (Main Time To Repair) and "hot swap" modularity, single module replacement can be performed without disconnecting loads and without shutting down or disconnecting the plant;
High Power Quality on both output and input, with a power factor of 0.99 and THDI <3%;

CM-CO-01 & CT-CO-01

CM and CT type UPS systems summarize the main requirements of the Clients across the globe, combined with the in-depth product knowledge derived from decades of constant presence on the market. These systems are ideal for all industrial applications where a high degree of customization is not required. This type of system generally allows the engineering process to be accelerated, and subsequently also the production of the system from pre-selected layouts and pre-selected components.


The EBC series of rectifiers / battery chargers, allows unique performance and reliability to be achieved in extreme environmental conditions. In fact, the systems are able to operate outside in desert type environments countering the effects of high temperatures and the presence of fine sand or dust. The systems operate without air conditioning and/or forced ventilation, which would drastically reduce efficiency, life and performance..


The UIM series of industrial inverters allow the conversion of a wide range of DC voltages into a stabilized single- or three-phase alternating voltage for the power supply of critical installation loads. Using IGBT technology, the system provides a clean sine wave output minimizing the harmonic content of the wave even with non-linear loads. The presence of the manual by-pass (make-before-brake) and its mechanical conformation, allow maintenance operations to be carried out in total safety for both the load and the operator.


The digital UPS system GOLD encapsulates the many years of experience that CEG Elettronica Industriale has gained in the protection of critical loads in the industrial world and can be usedfor any type of application and load. GOLD incorporates the most advanced technology and advanced components within a contained layout ensuring an input power factor close to unity (0.98) and total current distortion of <4% .


Rectifiers / battery chargers from the UBC series are the ideal solution for all safe power supplies in DC. The high degree of configuration customization and high mechanical flexibility allow us to comply with all of the major demands of the market and major international Clients. Thanks to its robustness and high reliability, the system can be adapted to any type of application and use without abandoning any of the installation requirements.


The high frequency switching DC/DC or AC/DC conversion systems with microprocessor control are able to operate in single or parallel configurations in order to achieve the required power or to increase system reliability. The availability of a wide range of voltages allows us to satisfy numerous installation requirements.


CEG Elettronica Industriale provides completely customized turnkey solutions on the basis of the needs of the installation and the Client. The solutions offered range from simple containerized UPS system up to a complete substation. Thanks to their flexibility, the solutions can be installed in containers at temperatures between -40°C and +50°C, withstanding even the most extreme environmental conditions. The solutions in containers optimize space while still maintaining high reliability in accordance with the most stringent requirements of the Oil & Gas sector.
Industrial installations are fitted with uninterruptible power supplies connected to strings of stationary batteries usually between 24Vcc and 240Vcc, with a capacity up toseveral thousand amperes per hour. It is essential to periodically test that the installed battery is fully available and operational to prevent any potential disruptions. Voltages and capacities can vary a great deal and it can be extremely expensive to organise custom loads for discharging the battery, while keeping its current constant to measure its capacity and performance. Thanks to its microprocessor system and high scalability (up to 10 parallel devices can be connected), the MDB-ecan discharge any string of batteries and continually control its different vital parameters.
ORACLEX-EVOLUTION is a monitoring system for battery cells, batteries or battery banks specifically designed for UPS. It is extremely easy to use and allows you to schedule the replacement of critical cells before they die and to constantly monitor the entire battery bank. It assesses the efficiency of individual monoblocs, the spare capacity and autonomy of the battery, as well as the voltages of each individual battery (or battery pack).
It is optimally designed to be used with various types of batteries, from Pb batteries to Ni-Cd batteries. It fully complies with the ATEX Directive and with the IECEx standard (IECEx IMQ 13.0001X). It can be used directly inside the battery room, including near to batteries in classified zones (Zone 1).

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