Press Release

The 100 winning managers in 2019
The well-known economy and finance magazine Forbes has compiled the Italian list of the 100 winning managers in 2019. As can be read in the magazine: “Leaders of multinationals and Italian companies of excellence. Founders of large companies or successful SMEs. Self-made managers who have distinguished themselves over the years for their ability and vision of the future. Or people who have followed their parents’ footsteps, giving continuity or reintroducing the family business. They are the 100 leaders selected by Forbes Italia and with their expertise, professionalism and courage have shown they can make the difference. Giving their contribution to make our country more competitive internationally.”

Among the managers reported in this prestigious list there are, for example, Andrea Agnelli, Marina Berlusconi, Aurelio De Laurentiis, Toni Scervino. We are pleased to note that our CEO, Uberto Canaccini, has also entered this prestigious list.

A low-cost Aluminium-Ion Battery developed by European Researchers
ALION, a European consortium, launches a new research project to conceive an innovative and low-cost energy storage technology with improved performance, safety, and reliability.


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