Conflict Minerals Policy

CEG Elettronica is very sensitive to the issue of respect for human rights and the environment. For the reason, CEG undertakes not to use, on its purpose, in the proper supply chain, raw materials and  components that contain conflict minerals (3TG), produced in the geographical area, defined as “Conflict Region”, which includes The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and its bordering countries.

CEG Elettronica undertakes to require to its suppliers,  warranty for exclusive use in their products, materials originated from regions, such as called “Conflict Region” or they are “Conflict Free” materials, in case the previous requirement is impossible to avoid. 

In case, the provenance or absence of Conflict Materials is not verified in the purchased products, CEG Elettronica is committed to taking all the actions to protect its interests in introducing in the proper supply chain only Conflict Free products., uses cookies to guarantee the functionality of the site and to take into account the navigation choices made by the user in order to offer the best experience on its website. Moreover,, reserves the right to use third-party cookies. For further information and to know how to deny consent to all or some cookies refer to our Cookie Policy. By continuing to browse the site, the user accepts to use the cookies. To continue, confirm that you have read this notice by clicking on the button below or on any other part of the site.