MTPU - Modular Three Phase UPS

The MTPU (Modular Three Phase UPS) is a modular uninterruptible power supply (Hot-Swap) with double conversion technology capable of satisfying all plant power requirements.
Each system can manage up to 12 modules connected in parallel, making it possible to extend or modify the system architecture directly in the plant without impacting the overall dimensions and installation.
Thanks to its high flexibility, efficiency and low cost of ownership, the MTPU has applications in many industry sectors such as transport, telecommunications, oil & gas, IT and data centres.
The strengths of the MTPU are:
High efficiency: >96.5% in double conversion operation thanks to 3L technology on both the PFC stage and the inverter.
High flexibility of configuration and expandability: thanks to its modularity, it is possible to create N+X or 2N redundant configurations for particularly critical loads. The modular design also makes it easy to increase the power or vary the level of redundancy directly in the system.
High reliability thanks to the design and total absence of Single Point of Failure: the failure of a single module does not affect the operation of the other units;
High plant availability due to low MTTR (Main Time To Repair) and "hot swap" modularity, single module replacement can be performed without disconnecting loads and without shutting down or disconnecting the plant;
High Power Quality on both output and input, with a power factor of 0.99 and THDI <3%;

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